About Us

We are a small family run business based in London that prides itself on quality and customer service. We specialise in manufacturing vitamins and supplements that are of the highest grade and take pride in the many years of research that have gone into each one of our products. With the knowledge that our products are the best, we then focus on our customer service. We make sure our customer service is of the same quality as our products.

As opposed to large pharmaceutical companies; we prefer to focus our attention on a small number of products. By only offering a small product range, we can spend our time focussing on our current formulations and improving them. This ensures that our products are always the best quality on the market.

Epsilon Life is just a few years old and we only started with one product; our Vitamin D tablets. We spent a great deal of time perfecting these tablets, and the market has loved them as we were the highest and best-rated vitamin D supplement on Amazon.co.uk! Due to the success of our first product, we decided to add two more products – Evening Primrose Oil capsules and Multivitamin Mineral Complex. Both products received a lot of love from our clients and are wearing five-star ratings on Amazon UK marketplace. We are currently developing new formulations with the aim of launching additional two products later in the year.

Made in the UK

Our tablets and capsules are made, tested and packed in the UK because high quality of our products and safety of our clients are of our main concern.
Some other companies buy bulk tablets from China or India and pack them in the UK. All Epsilon Life tablets and capsules are made from scratch in the UK.

Make it British Member Epsilon Life


Product Quality

Consistent production and labelling on all products allow us to deliver comprehensive information and quality to our customers.

  • All our supplements are made to GMP pharmaceutical standards.
  • Tablets and capsules are packed right after being manufactured.
  • We produce in small batches and hold minimal stock, so our products are always freshly made.
  • Batch number – each pot is equipped with a batch number so we can track each bottle to when it was made and check our records should there be a problem with the quality of our products.
  • Just like food, vitamins and minerals have a shelf-life too. We label all our supplements with Best Before End date – this is the date that we guarantee a product will contain the levels of nutrients declared on the label.

Company Ethics

Our company has been built on the passion for healthier life of our founders. We adhere to our ethical code and work every day to improve our service and develop new products that will let our customer live a healthier lifestyle.

  • We only sell products based on solid science. And we only sell products we believe in and consume ourselves.
  • We share part of our discovery process with our readers – we do extensive research on every product way before we start offering it to our customers.
  • We never chase the latest fab in the supplement business, we always put science and well being of our customer first.
  • We declare all the ingredients we use, never hiding anything. All our products are accurately described and comply with current UK labelling regulations.


Should you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are not happy until you are happy!