About Us

Based in London, we are a small family-run business that specializes in manufacturing a narrow yet extremely high-grade range of vitamins and supplements. We take great pride in the years of research that have gone into developing each one of our products, ensuring that they surpass official industry standards to meet our own rigorous quality criteria—which extend to every aspect of our business, especially customer service.

Unlike big pharmaceutical companies with their vast outputs, we manufacture only a small number of products. This allows us to focus on our current formulations to ensure that they remain among the highest quality items on the market.

We founded Epsilon Life just a few years ago specifically to provide the UK supplement market with much-needed high-quality Vitamin D tablets. After considerable time spent perfecting the product, the tablets were launched. They soon found favour with consumers and became the highest and best-rated vitamin D supplement on Amazon.co.uk!

The success of our first offering prompted us to add two more products – Evening Primrose Oil capsules and Multivitamin Mineral Complex. They were taken up enthusiastically by our existing customers, and word-of-mouth recommendations soon had both products gaining five-star ratings on Amazon’s UK marketplace.

We are currently developing new formulations with the aim of launching two more products later in 2020.

Made in the UK

We make, test and pack our tablets and capsules exclusively in the UK so that all our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.
Less scrupulous companies buy their tablets in bulk from China or India and simply package them in the UK.

Make it British Member Epsilon Life


Product Quality

Consistent production and labelling on all products allow us to deliver comprehensive information and quality to our customers.

  • All our supplements are made to GMP pharmaceutical standards.
  • Tablets and capsules are packed immediately after manufacture.
  • We produce small batches and hold minimal stock, so our products are always freshly made.
  • Batch number – each pot is equipped with a batch number so we can track each bottle to when it was made and check our records in the event of any quality issues.
  • Just like food, vitamins and minerals have a shelf-life. We label all our supplements with Best Before End date – this is the date before which we guarantee the product will contain the levels of nutrients declared on the label.

Company Ethics

Our company has been built on our founders’ passion for wellbeing and healthier living for all. We adhere to our ethical code and work every day to improve our service and develop new products that will enable our customer to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • The efficacy of all the products we sell is based on solid science. And we only sell products that we believe in and use ourselves.
  • We share part of our discovery process with our readers – we do extensive research on every product long before we launch it on the market.
  • We are never swayed by the latest fads in the supplement business. We always put science and the wellbeing of our customer first.
  • We declare all the ingredients we use. All our products are accurately described and comply with current UK labelling regulations.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re only happy when you’re happy!